Working with groups

Working with groups

Group work can be the source of considerable angst for students if they perceive they are being let down by their teammates.

SPARKPLUS – SPARKPLUS is a web-based self and peer assessment kit. It enables students to confidentially rate their own and their peers’ contributions to a team task or individual submissions and improve their judgment through benchmarking exercises.

The WebPA project (a peer assessment tool developed at the Centre for Engineering and Design Education at Loughborough) attempts to address this inequity by allowing each person to assess themselves and all members of their team and then calibrating the individual’s overall grade according to the lecturer’s assessment. It integrates with Blackboard (Grade Centre) and is open source.

Modelling good group work – an amusing series of very short clips showing unhelpful behaviour from the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) website…like this one:

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