Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Augmented reality can spice up your content presentation by linking real world ‘trigger’ images to online content. This is not the same as Virtual Reality which creates a complete world of its own that immerses the student.
The impact of these technologies on all aspects of our lives will be huge. Fortunately there are ways to start introducing them into your teaching even if you have only a passing interest in how it all works.

Metaverse is a (so far) free online platform with easy-to-follow tutorial videos that will have you creating basic AR experiences in no time. Students will need to download the Metaverse Augmented Reality app (for Android, or ┬áthe iOS version) to their mobile devices. You can then place a QR code generated by the platform in the environment for students to scan using the app. This will then take them to the experience you have created – which could be as simple as playing an educational YouTube video.

You can now view Flipgrid videos using augmented reality. Print off the QR Code for the Flipgrid video you want and place the code wherever you want the video to appear. Download the Flipgrid AR app for your mobile device and use it to scan the code – the video will ‘pop’ up on top of the code. More details here.

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