Add a quiz to a video

Add a quiz to a video

Online learning often relies heavily on screencasts of powerpoint presentations and/or videos of talking heads to provide content, which can lead to a relatively passive learning environment. Spice things up by embedding some questions or an opportunity to discuss topics the video raises.
You can weave questions throughout the video usingĀ Camtasia. However the quiz function does not work on YouTube or Vimeo so you’ll need to have self-hosting through your institution.

TED talks are entertaining and often thought-provoking presentations by experts who make complex concepts relevant to lay audiences. Through TED-Ed Lessons, you can structure a learning activity around a TED talk, or any YouTube video. The template takes you through a series of steps including ‘Watch, Think, Dig Deeper, Discuss, …And Finally’. Up to 15 multiple choice or short answer questions can be added under ‘Think’, but cannot be scattered throughout the video. The students must create an account and login to answer the quiz or participate in the discussion. The lecturer can then view their activity by going to their Notifications page.

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