Visualising data and ideas

Visualising data and ideas

Ideas and data presented visually, in a diagram, graph or infographic, usually contribute to a more fruitful discussion, engaging lecture or compelling argument. There are many free online tools that can help you to share your ideas in a lively and useful way.
Canvanizer – Create a free, collaborative, online canvas to brainstorm, share and edit ideas, plan anything – select from 4 different categories of canvas to design a business plan, service, project management and general.
Padlet is an online collaborative tool that lets you create and share virtual sticky notes, using a drag and drop interface. You can attach all types of files and it is cross-platform and mobile friendly.

RAW is an open web app that creates visualisations that you can then export in SVG or PNG format. There are literally dozens of styles. Check out the video to see how it works.

LucidChart is an online flowchart maker. If you have an .edu email address you can sign up for a free account with more benefits, although it’s difficult to know what they are or if you have been granted education status. Regardless, the basic functions are worthwhile.

Coggle is an online collaborative mind-mapping tool that you can use to take notes, brainstorm or share information. You can drag and drop images, change colours, add comments to nodes and chat. The free version gives you only 1 private diagram but unlimited public diagrams, and you can download as PDF or various image formats.

Text to Mind Map – this is another very simple online tool that will convert a hierarchical list into a mind map in seconds.

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