Editing your video

Editing your video

Video editors may be feature-packed or free – but usually not both. Or so I thought – til I found HitFilm Express. I have pretty limited know-how in this area but I’m able to use this straight out of the box to make basic edits and judging by the feedback around the web, it can do very schmick things as well. Well worth disabling your ad blocker for – you’ll need to do this to access the desktop download – as well as tell your friends about it on social media.

I’ve just heard about Shotcut but I haven’t had chance to try it out yet.

Another fantastic freebie is HandBrake. HandBrake has been around for yonks (since 2003, which apparently is over 15 years ago). It’s an ‘open source video transcoder’  and will help you convert between formats, rotate videos, reduce video size, and all sorts of useful stuff. It’s multiplatform (runs on Windows and Macs) and fairly easy to use, since it comes with documentation, an active online community, and there are heaps of people online who have shared their tips and tricks, so help is merely a google away.

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