Active learning

Active learning

This is an excellent, compelling talk (“Student Engagement: Integrating Active-Learning into Health Science Courses”) by Dr Patrick Brown from ​East Tennessee State University.

The Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative is a multi-year project at The University of British Columbia aimed at dramatically improving undergraduate science education. Their website is full of useful resources for developing learning activities. There are a particularly useful set of videos about evidence-based activities.

Quizlet – provides free, online tools such as flashcards to help students with memorising terms or short answers.  Very easy to use and can be incorporated in classroom situations.
Jigsaw method – Educator Jennifer Gonzales from Cult of Pedagogy‘s excellent explanation of Professor Elliot Aronson’s simple but effective jigsaw method for cooperative learning. Each student is responsible for a different section of the learning and reporting back to the group. More tips here.

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